Share Your Dragon’s Dogma 2 Adventures with Prima Games’ Pawns (Just Don’t Give Us Dragonsplague)

Together forever, no matter how long, now until the end of time.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Everything is better with friends, and that is certainly the case for Dragon’s Dogma 2! Over your tremendous adventure, you’ll grow close to your main Pawn, but potentially some of the Pawns you hire from other players as well. Here at Prima Games, we are having a blast with the Dragon’s Dogma 2 and would love to share some of that joy with the community by sharing our Pawns with you!

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The Prima Games’ Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawns Are a Thing of Beauty

We all have thoughts on what makes the perfect Pawn – how it looks, sounds, its equipment, and its ideal vocation. But one thing is certain: this varied group of Pawns reflects the Prima Games team perfectly, highlighting our individuality while showcasing our teamwork.

As vocation, inclination, and specialization can be changed at will, I have opted to leave them out of this piece. But do not fret, they are all top notch!

The first Pawn off the rank loves long walks on the beach, helping out other Arisen’s, and finds tales of Pawn combinations in other parties absolutely fascinating.

Pawn Name: Mage Ya Look
Pawn ID: 29V4B5MLK28E
Platform: PlayStation 5
Creator: Priscilla Wells

Second up is a Pawn which has a shade of hair that even Sephiroth himself would be jealous of. An addition which would make exploration much more vibrant.

Pawn Name: Flora (on the left)
Platform: PlayStation 5
Creator: Meg Koepp

A man who knows how to march to the beat of his own bongo. Or he would, if he wasn’t a Pawn.

Pawn Name: Bongo
Pawn ID: 9TRI74S4G6PG
Platform: PC (Steam)
Creator: Matt Vatankhah 

A Pawn that constantly has to contend with the fact that their own master oft prefers the Pawn of another player.

Pawn Name: Afaenia
Platform: PC (Steam)
Creator: Shaun Cichacki

Notable Mentions

Created by a stranger. Loved by us all. The pinnacle of Pawn creation that left staff writer Shaun Cichacki absolutely enamored. See for yourself the historic impact that this stoutly fellow had on him in this emotionally charged piece.

Pawn Name: Frog Nasty
Platform: PC (Steam)

There’s never been a better squad, and no matter who you choose to take alongside you on your journey, just know that they will fell Griffons, find treasure chests, and lead you the way with all of their hearts. Just please, make sure that they come back Dragonsplague free.

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