An Ode to Frog Nasty: My Most Loyal & Brave Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawn

Here's to you, Frog Nasty.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a game that I’ve already begun holding close to my still-beating heart — the tale of the Arisen is one I shan’t forget for all my days and one that I can see myself returning to for many years after I’ve completed it. There was one thing that made my experience all the more endearing as I battled my way through a variety of monsters and terrifying creatures, and it was a pawn I discovered roaming the plains by the name of Frog Nasty.

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The Name is Nasty… Frog Nasty

Here at Prima Games, we have a love of the weirdest little guys from all franchises, but Frog Nasty put his spell on me nearly immediately. Donned in an executioner hood, his frail-looking legs combined with a massive potbelly immediately sparked my interest. I had seen a fair number of beautifully created Pawns on my adventure thus far, but Frog Nasty came out of thin air when I needed him most. I quickly hailed this mysterious creature and brought him to my party. Sure, he may have been a little underdeveloped compared to some of the other pawns in my party, but I knew he was going to do great.

Frog Nasty and company had set off on many an adventure, with his skills as a Theif coming in rather handy. Watching this abhorrent abomination curl up into a ball and spiral toward the eye of a Cyclops while battling it proved that he was dedicated to the cause and willing to do whatever needed to ensure our victory. However, all adventures must come to an end at some point, and after felling the final boss of Dragon’s Dogma 2, I thought my time with Frog Nasty had come to an end. That is until I nearly immediately jumped into a New Game + session and set out to find the nearest Rift Stone. 

The Triumphant Return of Frog Nasty

It was time to begin once again, and after obtaining my gear and switching my Vocation back to which I was most comfortable, Frog Nasty had returned to the party. It was a glorious time, indeed. Until it wasn’t. Frog Nasty had become infected with the Dragonsplauge — a horrible disease seemingly passed unto him by my main pawn Afaenia. I had to make the most horrible choice in the world; do I slay Frog Nasty to avoid this Plague causing havoc upon the world before me, or do I dismiss him until a later date? I went with the latter option, as I could not stand the idea of putting Frog Nasty out of his apparent misery whilst suffering from this ailment.

As I watched Frog Nasty walk away from my party, “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters immediately began playing in the back of my mind. It hurt to see him go, but I knew that I would have a hopeful reunion with him in the future. His role in the party was replaced with a Warrior by the name of Griffin, and while Griffin was incredibly powerful and generally a much higher level combatant on the field compared to Frog Nasty, my party felt incomplete. So, I made haste toward the closest town that I could find in hopes of hiring Frog Nasty once more.

This Is Worse Than the Time I Was in Dragon’s Dogma 2, Lois

To be upfront and honest, I kept Griffin in my party for a fair amount of time. His staggering stature helped trounce even the most terrifying of foes, so I made a choice; I needed to level up to keep Frog Nasty in my party. So, while Griffin — who can be seen in the background of the photo above, alongside the Mage Linda — may have been more formidable in combat, he was just no Frog Nasty.

So as my temporary replacement, I did what I could to level up to impress Frog Nasty upon his return, and continued striving for greatness. As a Level 44 Mythic Spearhand, I figured that now was the time for my return to the Grand Riftstone; I could bring him back anywhere, but a reunion this grand required a special place.

The Froggening: Part II

After relieving Griffin of his duty to equip a coworker’s Pawn with some near-endgame armor, Frog Nasty made his triumphant return to the crew, albeit with a new outfit that made him look even more intimidating than before. Gone was his executioner hood, replaced instead with the helm of a shinobi. His armor and cape had also been upgraded, alongside his weapons to make him more formidable to face off against the most terrifying of foes.

However, something had always intrigued me since the first time I encountered Frog Nasty — just what, exactly, did he look like under that hood? Was there a reason that he was always covered up? Was it for his protection, or was it so the world could not behold his true beauty? I decided that enough was enough, and I needed to finally see what Frog Nasty looked like beneath the helmet — and I am so glad that I did.

How Can Something So Beautiful Be So Nasty

Video by Prima Games

The glorious visage of Frog Nasty had finally been unveiled to me, showcasing the true beauty that lies within. The pale green of his skin shined bright in the sunlight of Harve Village, his flowing locks of well-maintained Friar Tuck hair billowed in the wind, and his neckbeard stood out tried and true. Frog Nasty was more than I could have bargained for, and it was an immediate moment of hilarity that ensued.

But, most importantly, it solidified a fact for me — there was no way I was continuing my adventure in the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 any further without having Frog Nasty in my party. He saved my skin more times than I could count up to this point, delivering pointed justice at the end of his dual blades to any foe that crossed our party. But, most importantly — he made me learn that the journey wasn’t about the monsters that I had slain, but about the friends that I made along the way.

If you’re hoping to bring Frog Nasty into your party in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and you’re playing on Steam, you can find him by searching for his Unique Pawn ID on Steam: 71EINLPPR12K. Thank you, Jank Boteko for making this creation and bringing him to life to quickly become my favorite Pawn I’ll ever encounter.

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