Should You Accept or Refuse Bermudo’s Bribe in Dragon’s Dogma 2? (The Arisen’s Shadow)

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Dragon's Dogma 2 Bermudo Bribe Question
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After completing the first few batches of main quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you start being followed by a mysterious figure when visiting Vermworth. By managing to catch it, your morals are put to the test with a choice of letting them go or finishing them right on the spot.

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Should You Refuse Bermudo’s Offer in The Arisen’s Shadows Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

You automatically get The Arisen’s Shadow quest by progressing through the main story and collaborating with Captain Brant. Once you meet him in the tavern a few times to tell the tales of what you’ve discovered about Disa’s plot, an agent called Bermudo starts stalking you. Your pawns inform you about someone having their eyes on you, and that’s when you can start following the hooded figure.

Once either the quest pops up or you hear a Pawn mentioning someone on your tail, take a look around and search for the hooded figure. They start running as soon as you lock your eyes on them. They may occasionally stop on the spot and start spitting some random voicelines, so use these as your chance to either Grab him or hit him with any attack, triggering the cutscene.

Bermudo offers you a bribe to look the other way and let him go, despite his position. You have the option to refuse it or take the bribe and let the man live another day.

If you refuse Bermudo’s offer, he starts attacking you as you have to defend yourself alongside your Pawns. But before you can land a killing blow, Brent intervenes and locks him instead for interrogation. The quest continues for a few more days, and he’ll give you the results of his investigation after an in-game week has passed.

But if you take his compensation instead, you’ll get a total of 5000G from him and he escapes. The quest is immediately completed here and Captain Brent never arrests the man.

You get the same amount of Experience from whichever option you pick, but the bribe route gives you more money. However, letting Brant interrogate Bermudo will give you more lore info later down the line, so you might wanna see these results for yourself.

I would personally just take the bribe as it has objectively more rewards, but your Pawns will also mention how this outcome wasn’t exactly the most favorable. You also lose out on some first-hand information about the world, so it might not be worth the money.

A more story-driven playthrough would have Bermudo being interrogated, so it’s all up to you. The extra cash can be helpful, but it isn’t such a large sum at the end of the day. If you don’t feel like this is worth losing some exclusive scenes, refuse his bribe and fight your way on the streets. Some choices won’t affect the game that much, unfortunately.

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