How to Fix Pokemon Sleep Error Code 025200

It's finally time to wake up from this error code nightmare

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If you’re one of the Trainers haunted by nightmares of the 025200 error code in Pokemon Sleep, read on to learn how to fix it.

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How to Fix the Pokemon Sleep Error Code 025200

According to the official Pokemon Sleep Twitter account, “the bug that causes the Error 25200 will be resolved once you move to a new Research Area weekly (not by using E-Zzz Travel Ticket).” Make sure your app is updated to the latest version (1.4.1) for the best results.

Clearing your cache will not resolve this error message and bug. Clearing your game’s cache by going to the title screen, tapping the “Menu” button, then tapping “Clear Cache” is meant to resolve a separate bug in which some of Snorlax’s animations (specifically, its Strength and rating gain animations) play on a loop when they’re not meant to.

Error 25200 is caused by a bug that occurs when Snorlax eats Berries, according to the Pokemon Sleep “Known Bugs” news page. The error then sends the player to the title screen. Players have also noted receiving this error when collecting ingredients.

Player Compensation for the Pokemon Sleep Error Code 025200

The official Pokemon Sleep Twitter account has confirmed that all players affected by the Error number 025200 will receive three (3) Helper Whistles within the next few days. There isn’t a specific date given for when players will receive the Helper Whistles, but they should be rolling out “as quickly as possible.”

The developers are able to track information pertaining to errors and bugs in player accounts, so if you were affected by the error message and didn’t submit a support ticket, not to worry. All players that were affected by Error Code 025200 should receive their compensation Helper Whistles even if they did not submit a support ticket about it.

Once the Error Code 025200 message is resolved, you can go back to playing Pokemon Sleep normally. When you do, you can try to find some elusive shiny Pokemon or evolve your Pokemon.

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