How to Build and Use the Radio Tower in Lightyear Frontier

Who the hell would wanna talk to their neighbors?

Lightyear Frontier Radio Tower
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Lightyear Frontier likes to throw the odd surprise at you here and there, and the one you get when clearing out the Yellow Forest is no exception. Here’s how to build and use the Radio Tower in Lightyear Frontier.

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How to Get the Radio Tower in Lightyear Frontier

The Radio Tower can be found on the opposite end of the entrance to Yellow Forest, first appearing after restoring the region. However, it’ll simply show up as a blue buildable rather than the Radio Tower simply being there. Instead, you’ll need the following materials to properly construct it:

  • 12x Hardwood
  • 5x Aluminum Frames
  • 3x Aluminum Electronics
  • 8x Copper Ore

The Copper Ore should be easy enough to get if you’ve cleared out the Pine Heights region since it naturally spawns there. As for the rest, you can build both the Aluminum Frames and Aluminum Electronics in the Assembler. The Hardwood can be a little more challenging, requiring you to hit downed logs or larger trees with your Spike Saw after it’s been upgraded. If you didn’t already know, you can upgrade it at the Upgrade Depot which is also buildable.

Once you have the materials, simply bring them back to the Radio Tower and add them to build up the tower itself.

How to Use the Radio Tower

Lightyear Frontier Request Board
Image via Prima Games.

Now that the tower is built, you’ll be able to take on various Requests. These ask you to acquire various resources and bring them back to the Radio Tower, which grants you money upon completion. These tend to be worth a lot more than just selling the items to the Merchant outright, but it’s always worth double-checking. With the Radio Tower built, you can also build a Request Board wherever you want to access the Radio Tower remotely since it can be a long trek for multiple trips.

If you’re looking for more help acquiring various mid-late game items, check out our guide on how to get Clay in Lightyear Frontier.

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