Are LEGO Fortnite Minifigures Coming? – Answered

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Lego Fortnite Battle Royale

A last-minute addition to 2023’s amazing gaming roster was LEGO Fortnite, a completely Lego-fied version of the battle royale with sandbox gameplay featuring its iconic skins as playable. So it would only make sense for some actual LEGO figures to follow, isn’t that right?

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LEGO Fortnite Minifigures Rumors Explained

Collectables equals money, and companies are very well of that. For that reason, many speculated that we would start getting some real-life versions of our Lego-styled Fortnite skins after the game was first released. We’ve never had any confirmation of upcoming products, though, but many rumors have been running around online. And it initially points out that Epic Games might be cooking.

The biggest proof of that would be the initial reveal of LEGO Fortnite arriving in the game by verified leaker ShiinaBR. A Reddit thread revealed what would the base game’s skins look like in the (at the time) soon-to-be-released game mode, leading many people to believe that actual LEGO sets could also be released alongside it.

It turns out that this initial leak was merely an in-game image and not any representation of a new upcoming Fortnite-themed set at all. LEGO Fortnite cartoony-styled graphics are to blame for the confusion, but there has never been a confirmation for any upcoming IRL products.

But don’t lose hope just yet as this doesn’t mean that we’ll never get LEGO Fortnite figures. There’s still a huge chance for that real-life collab to happen considering how insanely popular those two brands are. LEGO is known for having various licensed products made in partnership with many different brands, and they’re technically halfway done with Epic Games as designs for the minifigures are already done.

While we’ll still get regular LEGO Fortnite updates from time to time, the minifigures might have to wait for a little while until we get some actual updates from the companies. I don’t think they’re that much of a far-away dream, to be honest, but don’t expect them to drop out of nowhere next month either.

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